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Cargo insurance

Owing to the fact that our company has concluded the direct contract with the European insurance company, we are able to offer our clients “ON LINE” services for procuring of insurance policy for the cargoes. We have a possibility of insuring cargoes and issuing insurance policy right on the spot, saving thereby time and cutting the expenses of our clients.

In order to procure insurance policy for the cargo, we need to receive forwarding and commercial documents, as well as your application for insurance. After we receive approval of the client on the insurance policy rates (which depend on the cargo transportation route), we arrange the insurance process and the client receives so called “ON LINE insurance policy within very short time, necessary for the insurance company to register our inquiry in the system.

What should be kept in mind, relying only on liability insurance of a carrier:

Transportation by road – CMR Convention (limit of SDR 8.33/kg = EUR 10/kg);

Transportation by air – Warsaw Convention (limit of SDR 17/kg = EUR 20/kg);

Transportation by sea – Hague-Visby Rules (limit of SDR 2/kg = EUR 2.5/kg);

Transportation by rail – railway regulations of the countries crossed by transportation

Warehouse operators, freight forwarders and other parties whose liability is limited by local regulations may be liable for cargo in transit, and this liability may be significantly less than the cost of the goods.


Cargo insurance benefits:

The owner of the cargo has a maximum protection against losses at all stages of the carriage of goods, not to be only limited to the liability limit of the partner. The insurance value of the cargo may include the expenses of its insurance, delivery and other losses too. The price of insurance is minimal compared to the price of the cargo (beginning from 0.10% of the cargo value). The insurance policy is suitable for the individual needs of the company and its payment may be included in the shipping cost. High-quality and fast process of insurance reimbursement.


Cargo insurance types:


Cargo insurance is mostly based on three international Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC) on insurance.


ICC (A) – covering all risks (the most extensive and expensive coverage);

ICC (B) – covering the mentioned risks;

ICC (C) – covering the mentioned risks (the most narrow and low-cost coverage).



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